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Benjamin T. Brooks, Sr., a Vietnam veteran, is a member of the Maryland Senate, serving the 10th Legislative District of Baltimore County. Senator Brooks is a member of the Education, Energy, and the Enviorment Committee.


Senator Brooks was the founder and former president of B&R Brooks Professional Tax Services, P.A., which provided accounting, payroll, and income tax services to small businesses, non-profit organizations, and the public at large. He currently resides in Woodstock, Maryland with his wife, Theresa, a retired Catholic school principal. They have three children and seven grandchildren.


[2016] HB 1404 creates the Construction Education and Innovation Fund administered under the Maryland Center for Construction Education and Innovation (MCCEI) and allocates $250,000 annually in the state budget to fund the program. 


[2018] HB 1161 establishes an alternative program to offer low-cost auto insurance to low-risk, low-income drivers.


[2022] HB186 excludes the first $100,000 of income from state income taxes for residents who are 100 years young


[2022] HB 680 provides a tax incentive in the form of a property tax credit to grocery stores that open or renovate in food deserts in Baltimore County


[2023] SB613 makes permanent the community solar program and improves the ability of low-income Marylanders to participate in the program by creating the option for consolidated billing.


[2023] SB 836 encourages and promotes the use and sale of plants native to Maryland at certain businesses and
requires the University of Maryland Extension to develop several programs to promote native plants and educate the public about them.

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End of Session Letters Throughout the Years

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