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2023 Bill Signings

I am pleased to say that all my bills that passed out of the Legislature have been signed into law by Governor Wes Moore. None of these achievements would have been possible without the tireless work of my fellow legislators, community advocates, and constituents. Here is a quick recap of all the bills that have been signed:

SB 443:

Real Estate Brokers, Salespersons, and Associate Brokers - Continuing Education Courses - Alterations

This bill alters the requirements for the subject matter of continuing education courses for licensees issued an initial license by the Real Estate Commission.

HB 132:

Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning, and Refrigeration Services - Journeyman License - Qualifications

This bill aims to increase the passing rate on the State HVACR journeyman license exam by increasing the number of training hours for applicants.

SB 836:

Maryland Native Plants Program

This bill encourages and promotes the use and sale of plants native to Maryland at certain businesses and requires the University of Maryland Extension to develop several programs to promote native plants and educate the public about them.

SB 320:

Natural Resources - Wildlife Advisory Commission - Membership

This bill expands the Wildlife Advisory Commission by mandating the Governor to appoint an academic researcher with expertise in wildlife biology, conservation, management, or ecology. Additionally, it requires representation from the hunting, wildlife preservation, and passive wildlife recreation communities on the Commission.

HB 692:

Public Service Commission - Certificates of Public Convenience and Necessity - Local Permits

This bill fixes a regulatory gap, thus encouraging solar projects in local counties and municipalities.

HB 908:

Electricity – Community Solar Energy Generating Systems Program

This bill fixes a regulatory gap, thus encouraging solar projects in local counties and municipalities.

HB 800:

Execution on a Judgment - Child Support Arrearages - Workers' Compensation

This bill specifies that if someone owes child support payments and has a workers' compensation claim, 25% of what they receive after expenses will go towards paying off their outstanding child support debt if a judgment has been made.

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