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The West Baltimore County Redevelopment Authority is Here!

Thank you to County Executive Johnny Olszewski for signing the West Baltimore County Redevelopment Authority into law!

For decades, West Baltimore County has seen neglect, vacancies, and disinvestment. In District 10, my constituents have long spoken to me about the need for new businesses and investment in our community. It’s been over a year in the making but your advocacy has been answered.

With approval from the State Legislature and County, the West Baltimore County Redevelopment Authority will allow the County to purchase vacant and misused properties and transform them into appealing venues. Redevelopment authorities have been used to revitalize historically neglected communities with fantastic results.

For example, the Prince George’s County Redevelopment Authority has been able to improve numerous properties with townhouses, new businesses, town squares, and even net-zero carbon home projects! You can look at the amazing work they have done here:

This Redevelopment Authority would not have been possible without the tireless effort of legislators like Senator Charles Sydnor III, former Senator Dolores Kelley, Councilman Pat Young and members of the Baltimore County Council. Furthermore, I want to thank the decades of advocacy from local community organizations around my District and West Baltimore County.

West Baltimore County should not just be a place to drive through but a thriving community with homeowners, families, vibrant businesses, and beautiful spaces to call home. Reversing years of neglect will take time but I am glad to plant the seeds of revitalization today— let’s get to work!

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