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On Service and Sacrifice

Dear Friends,

I want to discuss something that has been a bedrock of our great nation, yet is often overlooked: the principles of service and sacrifice.

Senator Brooks in uniform during the Vietnam War

As a Vietnam War veteran, I've personally experienced the gravity of service and the weight of sacrifice. I carry the memories of my brothers in arms who bravely served alongside me, some of whom never made the journey home. It is their dedication, their selflessness, and their belief in our nation's ideals that I remember today.

Service and sacrifice are not merely historical concepts, confined to the annals of wars long past. Rather, they are vibrant, ongoing principles that should guide us in our everyday lives. In the grand scheme, service is the act of dedicating oneself for the betterment of others, be it serving our country, our community, or our family. It is about offering our time, our skills, our compassion, and sometimes, in the line of duty, our very lives.

Governor Moore, Speaker Jones, Senator Brooks, and other legislators and families at a 2023 Memorial Day Service

Sacrifice, on the other hand, is the acceptance that our service may demand a heavy price. It is acknowledging that our commitment may require us to forego personal comfort, desires, and in the case of our honored fallen, even the prospect of tomorrow. The brave men and women we remember and honor made this ultimate sacrifice, they traded their tomorrows so that we may live in freedom today.

Donations to Charlotte's Home in May 2023

For the veterans amongst us and those currently serving, your country is eternally grateful for your service. And to the families who have paid the ultimate price, your loved ones' sacrifice is not forgotten. Their spirit lives on in the values we hold dear and the nation we continually strive to improve. As soldiers, we stand tall, walk smartly and serve confidently.

Senator Brooks and Eric March, Memorial Day 2023

Senator Brooks and Annette March-Greer, Memorial Day 2023

Senator Brooks and Joy Moore, Memorial Day 2023

With warmest regards,

Senator Benjamin Brooks

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